Treating Fevers Naturally – A Book Review

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Treating Fevers Naturally - A Book Review | Real Food Outlaws


Fever. It’s a word that instills fear in new mom and even in a seasoned one. But it doesn’t have to. Treating fevers naturally is doable and in most cases, much safer than giving over-the-counter medications. 

Personally, I have a lot of experience with fevers as a mother of four. My oldest is turning 13 years old this year and used to get fevers quite often with no other symptoms when she was little. I relied on Tylenol back then because I didn’t know any better. I knew nothing of natural remedies.

Now, things are very different. I am a trained herbalist and have been treating fevers naturally, without the use of OTC medication since 2005. 

There is a huge problem in America with parents overmedicating their children. It’s not their fault! They just go by the dosage on the bottles which don’t take into account how much a child weighs in most cases.  Doctors say, “just give them Tylenol or Motrin”.

Studies have shown that acetaminophen contributes to liver damage and ibuprofen contributes to kidney damage. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything I’m giving to my children to contribute to either!

There are safer ways to “treat” a fever!

Treating Fevers Naturally by Meagan Visser from Growing Up Herbal is an invaluable guide to understanding and naturally supporting the body so that it can fight the fever naturally. It helps moms just like you and me learn how to care for our precious babies without needless medicine.

So many times, all the body needs is a little nutritional and herbal support to heal. I’m not saying medication is *never* indicated but more often than not, there are other ways. 

In this 76 page guide, you’ll learn:

  • what a fever is and why it’s a good thing
  • what’s going on with your child’s body when they have a fever
  • what the difference is in “degrees” of fever
  • the concerns of fevers and how to deal with them appropriately
  • the difference in medical vs. natural treatment options
  • natural treatments for bringing a fever down and making your child comfortable
  • and more

To learn more about Treating Fevers Naturally, Click Here. I highly recommend adding this very informative book to your natural health library.

Take control of your children’s health today!

Be well!

*There are herbal recipes available in Meagan’s book. If you do not want to make a remedy yourself and would rather purchase one, I have a Fever Tea available in my 90210 Organics’ shop. Click here to purchase.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Nothing here is to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider.

I received a complimentary copy of Treating Fevers Naturally. All opinions written are my own and I was not compensated in any way for them. After reading the book I became an affiliate of Growing Up Herbal and do receive a commission on books purchased through my links. 


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