Slow Down

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Millions of mothers have shared this poignant, heart-string pulling song from Nichole Nordeman this week. If you’re a mom, you’ll “get it”!

Sometimes the beauty of motherhood can get lost in the messiness of it all. The chaos, the crying, the constant needs of a little one. As my oldest daughter turns 15 the day after Mother’s Day, I am reminded of just how fast time goes by. It seems like yesterday I was a young 22-year-old Army wife in Germany holding my newborn baby girl in my arms. Now she’s practically all grown up and it’s all a blur! I have to think really hard to remember all the details of the last 15 years. When I do, I remember the beauty in the mess. 

As they grow up, I miss their little voices, the sound of their little feet running across the wood floors, the adorable giggles, and toothless smiles. I miss their little toes and chubby legs, their little hands in mine. I miss how they scrunched their noses when they smiled. I miss how they said “I love you” when they were barely 2-years old. So many little things that are in the past now.

If I have learned anything over the last 15 years, it is that I need to cherish each moment because I will never get it back. My encouragement today is to slow down, even if time won’t. Children are not a distraction from work. They are our most important work. 

Time won’t stop. It seems to fly by faster each day. I wish it would slow down so I could savor each part of my children’s lives for just a bit longer. Since that is a fleeting wish, all I can do is cherish the time I have with them, make the most of it, and leave a legacy worth remembering. 


Happy Mother’s Day!




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