Natural Herbal Living Magazine Review and Kickstarter Promotion

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Natural Herbal Living Magazine Kickstarter Campaign 

I’m super excited to promote the Kickstarter Campaign for the Natural Herbal Living Magazine!

As you know, herbs are a passion of mine.

Almost a year ago to the day Amanda from Natural Living Mama LLC and her fellow herbal editors ran their first Kickstarter program to launch their herbal e-magazine, Natural Herbal Living Magazine and Herb Box. Although plans changed a little bit, from being a bi-weekly e-zine to a once a month super ‘zine, they have really embraced what they do and have been growing every month.

I have had the privilege of looking through past issues of this amazing herbal magazine and have an herb box that is quite lovely!

At the moment, Natural Herbal Living Magazine is a magazine that focuses on educating our readers on a deep and profound level with one herb a month. The issues average 60 pages and are loaded with specialized herbal information.

You may think that so much information about one herb would get a little boring, but their team of authors and experienced herbalists keep the issues enthralling with recipes for teas, salves, DIY decoctions, and so much more. They really delve deep into the uses of each and every herb we cover with both love and respect for the herb of the month.

Over the last 10 months, people have requested print issues of the magazine. Currently, issues are e-mailed to our subscribers on the first of every month as a PDF file, but some people learn better when they can hold a book in their hands, make notes, and have a print version to work with.

After looking at several options, they have found a way to print each issue as a printed book. These books will be soft covered with a glossy finish, include photographs as seen in our most current issues, and will feature a notes section so readers can keep their notes on each herb in their book. It is like a personal yet extensive materia medica for each and every issue. These will also feature the ability to be printed in a “drop ship” model, one at a time, and shipped directly from the printer to each and every person who orders. These will be available for as long as Natural Herbal Living is around.

They also plan to print our first year’s issues as a complete omnibus, from their very first free issue “Approaching An Herbal Practice for Beginners” all the way through this August’s issue, which is all about Basil. These first 13 issues will highlight our first year of work and will include a notes page, a nice index across all issues, and will be a hard bound book printed in full color. This will be a limited print edition, and the only way you can get a copy is through this Kickstarter campaign.

But they need your help to make this magic happen.

In order to make our magazine more visually appealing to their readers and make the directions easier to understand, their most recent issues have featured higher quality and more frequent pictures. In their first issues the pictures weren’t as frequent or as high quality.

Their Chamomile issue is the herb of the month for June, and you can see an example of the beautiful photos they are using, and a glimpse of some of the information in the issue here:

· Another round of technical editing to iron out some kinks that have been noticed. (Approximately $1,200)
· Better quality pictures for the older magazine issues. (Approximately $2000)
· Re-formatting of the word files so that they will look better in print. This includes adjusting picture sizes, DPI, and other basic formatting tasks. (Approximately $1,000)
· Special formatting for the first year omnibus book. (Approximately $300)
The rest of the funding is to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards.
These are the basic needs they need to get the past 12 issues into print, which is what this Kickstarter will fund. If they over fund the money, it will go toward formatting the NEXT 12 issues for our second year in print.

If they over fund, Amanda will also add additional prize levels to allow you to pre-order the print versions of the next 12 issues for our second year in business. These will include Red Clover, Garlic, Sage, Cinnamon, Pines, Cacao, Chickweed, Violet, Lavender, St. John’s Wort, Peppermint, and Yarrow – but only if they over fund.

Also, one time only, they will be offering the PAST herb boxes to go along with the print books! This will not happen again, and is a one-time opportunity to enjoy the experience of working with their past herbs, hands on, with our herbalist curated herb boxes.

The herb boxes come with the herbs and other ingredients you need to make some of the recipes in the magazine, giving you the ability to work hands on with the herb of the month. With the herb box you can smell it, taste it, infuse it, decoct it, and generally get to know it like you would a good friend. They have been a huge hit, and almost a third of our subscribers participate in the herb box every month with nothing but great things to say about it. You can read more about their amazing herb boxes HERE.

By funding their Kickstarter, you get to pre-order your print issues. This allows you to be the first to get your hands on this valuable, educational resource so that it can be at your fingertips any time of the day or night, even if you are unplugged.

So please, if you value the educational material we provide, or if you would like to learn more about how to build a relationship with one herb a month on a deep and profound level, help them fund this Kickstarter and bring the knowledge to the people!

***CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE Nettle Issue of Natural Herbal Living Magazine!***

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