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I am very excited to announce one of Real Food Outlaws’ new contributing authors, Erin Smith from Eat Real, Stay Sane!

Kombucha Tea Recipe for Cream Soda

by Erin Smith

Having a great kombucha tea recipe will save your life if you’re trying to kick a soda, Gatorade, or Kool-Aid addiction. I still have crazy Dr. Pepper cravings even though I know how terrible that stuff is for you. High fructose corn syrup is the Devil’s sugar.

This particular kombucha tea recipe is what I make when I can’t seem to get that Dr. Pepper craving under control. It tastes more like cream soda (hence the name) but I am still conducting experiments in my kitchen to find the right combination of flavors. I mean according to the commercials, Dr. Pepper has 23 flavors, right? That’s a lot of experimentation.

When we first started down the real food path, consuming probiotics was one of our main priorities. Probiotics are excellent for your gut health which we go over in this post.

We started our probiotic family with sourdough starter, then kombucha, then kefir (that one died a long time ago), and now have added yogurt. My next probiotic baby I want to add is some water kefir, which I just learned existed a couple of months ago.

kombucha tea recipe text

Before we dive into this kombucha tea recipe we need to go over the basics of how to make kombucha. The process she goes over is the first fermentation. This recipe is part of your second fermentation, which you don’t have to do unless you want to add special flavors to your kombucha.

Now, here are the details about how to get a cream soda flavored kombucha!

Kombucha Tea Recipe for Cream Soda:




  1. Make your kombucha using 2 bags of black tea and a half gallon of water for your first fermentation. Check out this post to learn how to do your first fermentation.firstferment
  2. After your first fermentation has reached your desired taste, take your SCOBY out of the jar, and store it appropriately or start another fermentation.
  3. Cut open both vanilla beans and scrape out the seeds. Put the seeds and vanilla bean pods into the kombucha.cuttingvanillabeans
  4. Add the prunes to your kombucha. You don’t have to use exactly 6 ounces of prunes, just about 3-4 fingers worth in the bottom of your 1/2 gallon mason jar. I try to get organic prunes since plums are a little higher on the dirty dozen list.
  5. Screw the lid on your kombucha mixture and let it sit on your counter for a second fermentation. The longer you leave the kombucha on your counter, the more fizzy it will get. Be careful not to leave it too long so your jar doesn’t explode from the pressure. Some people will do this step in plastic so they can test the pressure better. I leave my mixture for about 4 days.secondferment
  6. Once your kombucha has reached the desired carbonation, strain the goodies out of the kombucha, and put it in your fridge with the lid screwed on tight.
  7. If the kombucha is too strong, you can add water to reach desired taste.
  8. Enjoy!

What is your favorite kombucha tea recipe? Share in the comments below.

camanderin160Erin and Cameron Smith, owners of Eat Real Stay Sane, teach people how to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes eating real food, eliminating toxins, and overcoming chronic illness. The secret for them has been to cook homemade substitutes of foods they like – but with healthy ingredients. Get their free ebook, “Guilty Pleasure Recipes Without the Guilt.” You can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram


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