A Mother’s Heart

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Welcome to the third post in our Mother’s Day series. I hope you are encouraged as we take a look at A Mother’s Heart.

A mother’s heart is a dream-filled heart. She dreams of her children before they are born. She yearns for them. She picks out their names and envisions what they will look like. She prays for them when they are in the womb. She speaks to them, telling them about all the wonder of the world that they will experience when they arrive.

A mother’s heart is a love-filled heart. Instantly there is a bond between mother and child that cannot be broken. She nurtures him. She cares for him. Her world revolves around this beautiful bundle of all that her hopes and dreams have manifested.

A mother’s heart is a forgiving, grace-filled heart. Just as our Father in Heaven shows us grace, so does a mother in turn show grace to her children. Even when her children sin against her and she against them, there is grace and forgiveness that envelopes her home. It is a safe haven.

A mother’s heart is a hope-filled heart. Hope for health. Hope for a future. Hope that her children will grow up to love God and others. Hope that even in the hard times, all will work out in the end. This hope sustains her. It revitalizes her.

A Mother’s heart is a faith-filled heart. Faith in God. Faith that there is something much bigger than her orchestrating her family’s lives. Faith in a purpose that far exceeds anything she could ever imagine. She prays for her family and knows that like with Ruth in the Old Testament, God already knows what the future holds. 

A Mother’s heart can be broken. It can be hurt, damaged, bruised. Dreams, love, grace, hope, and faith can help to mend a broken heart. It doesn’t need to stay broken. Dreams win! Love wins! Grace wins! Hope wins! Faith wins! God wins!



Happy Mother’s Day!





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