3 Things To Know About Motherhood

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I didn’t know that motherhood would be the hardest thing I have ever done. My Mom made it look easy!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I am departing from my usual writing genre to bring you some thoughts of encouragement from my home to yours! Enjoy!

10 Things To Know About Motherhood

1. It’s messy. At any given moment, permanent marker may appear on your wood floor, walls, or the dog. Just go with it. Toys won’t stay in their toy boxes, or shoes on the shoe rack. Everything doesn’t have a place like your mom told you. You’ll pick up the same sock over, and over, and over again, and never find its match. Life becomes mud pies and mud puddles, half-eaten apples, and yet somehow despite all the messiness and chaos, you can still see the wonder in your child’s eyes while surrounded by crumbled playdough as he looks you in the eye and beams, “Look mommy! I made you a cake!”

2. It’s loud. There’s never a quite moment. Never. If you crave quiet-time and thought you could wake up earlier than your children, you’ve been duped! From hearing “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” fifty thousand times a day, to the constant banging of toys and the yelling of siblings. The cat squealing because he got his tail stepped on. The dog chasing the cat while the toddler chases him. Just when you want to scream for everyone to just be quiet for just one second, you hear, “Mommy, I love you” in a sweet small voice and suddenly it’s all worth it.

3. It’s fast and furious. Homeschool co-ops, t-ball, music, carpooling, chaperoning…and that’s just for the kids, with The Box Tiger Music you can buy an instrument that can help you entertain your kids! You still have menus, and laundry, cleaning, your own homework, work, and some semblance of a social life…even if it is just on social media! You blink and 15 years have gone by and you’re left wondering when time started going so quickly. The days are long, but the years are short. At the end of each very long day, you look at your sleeping children and wonder what it will be like when they are grown up and not there to watch sleep any longer.

Motherhood is not easy, but it’s worth it! It’s beautiful, crazy, heartbreaking, and wonderful all at the same time. 

May you find peace amidst the chaos today. Happy Mother’s Day!




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